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Parts Warranty Terms and Conditions We are proud to include a 6-month parts only warranty on all parts that are sold – unless a different warranty is put in writing on the receipt. The warranty is a parts warranty only…this means this does not include any labor on any part. Used Ford Truck Differentials will pay any shipping expenses incurred for any wrong part or non-working part. This also includes the shipping back, if we send the wrong or non- working part out. Then Used Ford Truck Differentials will incur the expense for the shipping back. If we do not have another part to ship out, then we will refund the purchase. Differentials also come with a standard 6-month parts warranty. This warranty includes unlimited miles for the full 6 months. Used Ford Truck Differentials can only give a different warranty at the time of purchase if it is put into writing on the customers receipt at the time of purchase. The only things that are required to keep the warranty intact for Used Ford Truck Differentials once received by the mechanic, they must purge and change all fluids and filters. They must be installed by a qualified licensed mechanic or shop. The receipt must be kept and be able to be shown, if a problem is incurred, showing that this has been done. The receipt showing that the fluids and filters have been changed and installed by a licensed qualified mechanic is needed to redeem warranty as well. We, Used Ford Truck Differentials, will incur the cost if a part needs to be shipped back. If we do not have another suitable replacement part, then a refund will be issued.  Our Parts Warranty Terms and Conditions means that Used Ford Truck Differentials is not responsible for wrong parts order by the customer. This includes if the customer gives us incorrect information on their vehicle.  If a wrong part is ordered by the customer…the customer will incur the cost for shipping back and the customer will also pay for the original shipping that was incurred for shipping the wrong part. There is also a restocking fee of 30% forrestocking the wrong part that was ordered by the customer.

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